Executive Team 

The DIHLC executive committee is an interdisciplinary team consisting of students from McMaster University’s eHealth, Global Health, Health Research, MBA, and Medicine programs

Nicole McKenzie, eHealth

DIHLC Co-Chair

Nicole is currently pursuing a Master of Science in eHealth at McMaster University. Prior to coming to McMaster, she completed a Bachelor of Science from the University of Manitoba with a focus in Biology and Psychology.

Through the interdisciplinary nature of her Master’s degree, she has seen first hand the importance of inter-professional collaboration in healthcare. As Co-Chair, Nicole hopes to provide a platform for both students and healthcare professionals to connect and inspire change in our healthcare system.

Janhavi Patel, Medicine

DIHLC Co-Chair

As a second-year medical student at Michael G. Degroote School of Medicine, Janhavi is excited to broaden her understanding of the integration between health and technology, to improve medical education and patient care experiences. As Co-Chair for DIHLC 2020, Janhavi hopes to promote open communication and organize a conference that challenges participants to create disruptive solutions that transform healthcare delivery. At the end of the conference, Janhavi hopes that all the attendees feel enlightened and enthusiastic to work toward improving patient care.

Viral Bheda, MBA

DIHLC VP Marketing

As an MBA student at the DeGroote School of Business, Viral is interested in the conflux of technology, psychology, and mental health, with a focus on emotional assistance applications for post-secondary students. As VP Marketing, he aims to deliver a seamless and all-encompassing marketing campaign for the conference, resulting in memorable attendee experience and a long-lived community of healthcare enthusiasts.

Asiana Elma, eHealth

DIHLC VP Marketing

Asiana is currently completing a Master’s of Science in eHealth with an undergraduate specialization in Life Sciences from McMaster University. Based on the interdisciplinary nature of her academic career, Asiana takes interest in interprofessional healthcare collaboration to optimize healthcare performance and improve both clinical and patient experiences. As VP Marketing, Asiana hopes to provide an impactful and meaningful marketing campaign, allowing the next generation of healthcare leaders to connect and shape change within the healthcare landscape.

Katrina Bouzanis, Global Health

DIHLC VP Programming

Katrina is a MSc Global Health graduate from McMaster University with a specialization in Global Health Management. As a graduate student in a multi-disciplinary program, Katrina has learned about healthcare from a variety of different perspectives and the need for interprofessional collaboration within the field. As VP Programming, Katrina hopes to foster learning and engagement amongst conference attendees and inspire students and healthcare leaders in shaping the future of healthcare.

Isabella Churchill, Health Research Methods

DIHLC VP Programming

Isabella is a MSc Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact graduate from McMaster University. As a graduate student currently investigating the use of artificial intelligence for diagnosing lung cancer, she has seen firsthand how interprofessional collaboration in healthcare aids in the discovery process. As VP Programming, Isabella hopes to find innovative ways to bring together students and healthcare professionals to inspire change in the healthcare system.

Shanel Mackay, MBA

DIHLC VP Sponsorship

Shanel completed an undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in Life Sciences and is now an MBA student at the DeGroote School of Business. She is interested in health and technology integration and has developed a passion for interprofessional collaboration within our healthcare system. As VP Sponsorship, her goal is to utilize the DIHLC platform to encourage our current and future leaders to evoke positive change within our healthcare system.

Alex Dragoman, Medicine

DIHLC VP Sponsorship

Alex is a second-year medical student at the DeGroote School of Medicine, with an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences from McMaster University. Alex is interested in the ways our health system can better coordinate inter-professional care, especially in the context of primary and preventative medicine. As VP Sponsorship, Alex hopes to utilize his background in public health and health policy, and his passion for advocacy, to create an environment where current and future health leaders can collaborate and grow together.

Preksha Rathod, Medicine

DIHLC VP Logistics

Preksha is a second-year medical student at the Michael G. Degroote School of Medicine. With her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization, Preksha has learned about the intersectionality of different disciplines within the healthcare system. Particularly, Preksha’s interests lie within healthcare delivery, health policy and women’s health. As one of the VPs of Logistics, Preksha hopes to foster an environment where individuals have the ability to share skills and knowledge between professions to better understand the roles and shared values of all professionals involved in healthcare.

Mohammad Hasan, eHealth

DIHLC VP Logistics

Mohammad is currently pursuing his MSc in eHealth at McMaster University and comes from an undergraduate background in Public Health from the University of Waterloo. Through the interdisciplinary nature of both programs, Mohammad gained an appreciation for the necessity of collaboration within different industries and sectors in our healthcare system. He looks forward to facilitating this great forum of collaboration and discussion as one of the VPs of Logistics.

Jay Bhatia, MBA

DIHLC VP Finance

Jay Bhatia is currently pursuing his full-time MBA from McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business majoring in Advanced accountancy and finance from India and hails from the financial capital of the country, Mumbai. Understanding monetary aspects, Financial Data Analysis, Trends in financial markets & healthcare industry, and data visualization are his core areas of interest. He has over 5 years of experience working in the Financial Services Industry. As the VP Finance for DIHLC he feels responsible to ensure efficient utilization and budgeting of the funds to bring the best value for the conference. Jay looks forward to and is excited about the conference as it is a wonderful opportunity to connect and meet healthcare professionals, leaders in the industry and students that share a similar passion and hopes that all the attendees should have a value addition by means of this conference.

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